Mayume V. Carelli

Intuitive Creativity Coach and Medium

My Long Love Affair With Creativity

As a young girl, I constantly doodled, wrote ridiculous poetry and typed my first romance novel at 13 years old, (starring me and C. Thomas Howell.) Now, all grown up and mother of three daughters, I try and incorporate creativity in my life any way I can with painting, writing, craft projects, decorating for events, and of course throwing as many parties as my husband will let me. I truly love to gather people together. 

Not Just a Mom

In another lifetime, I worked in television for many years and also as a computer program class instructor; all of which I enjoyed and it served me at that time. Once I started having babies, we decided to switch gears and that I would stay home to raise our girls. It was a truly blessed (and exhausting) time. But year after year, I noticed something... something inside of me felt a little unsettled, unfinished and quite honestly, unfulfilled. As much as I loved being a mom at home, I still couldn't deny that something was missing in my life.

I called it purpose. 

There's something else...around the age of seven, I began seeing sparks of light hovering above my bed at night and angelic looking beings appearing before me. I would "know" things that I shouldn't have known and have witnessed several little unexplained miracles. Still today, I receive "messages" from angels, my spirit guides and from those who have crossed over... sometimes even from those still living. I have always called my late night visits as "visitors" as they would illuminate the room waking me or enter my dreams - vivid, crazy-ass dreams.


Then my father died and everything was amplified.

Not Just a Visitor

In May of 1996, my dad was shot and stabbed by a 15 year-old girl who was trying to steal his truck. I don't have to get into the gory details of the devastation that devoured me and my family, but as one can imagine, it was all-encompassing.  It was during this very dark time that I woke up one morning in my childhood home with a man in white, kneeling at my bedside, praying... that man was Jesus. 

I'll never ever forget this: He looked at me with these magnificent blue/green eyes and told me that he was so very sorry for my pain... that I was so very loved... and that everything was going to be okay.


You see, I couldn't just forget this. It was a gift from God, (or Source, the Universe) ...and with this miraculous gift, along with my, let's call them "super spidey senses, I had now found my purpose:

To bring people together in hopes to ignite their creativity and healing through connections with one another and with Spirit... and hopefully a whole lot of fun while doing it.

I hope you will join me on this journey.

In Love, Light and Creativity,


Mayume Carelli is an Intuitive Creativity Coach and Medium as well as a published Childrens Book Author. She is currently working on a memoir of her parents love story during the Vietnam war in which she shares the story of Jesus appearing to her. It is her hope and desire to help others connect with their own inner healing through spirituality and creativity. Along with painting and writing, Mayume enjoys reading, movies, meditation and her women's volleyball league. Most importantly, she's an avid coffee drinker, vodka enthusiast and coconut cream pie lover. Mayume lives in Kirkland, WA with her husband, three daughters and chocolate Lab, Rocco.