Goddess Gathering: Oshun, Generosity

Mayume and Manjeet honor Goddess of Generosity, OSHUN, as they channel her energy and provide messages for the group.
Goddess Gathering: Oshun, Generosity

Time & Location

Nov 17, 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM PST

About this Event

Oshun, the benevolent Yoruban River Goddess, the representation of nourishment, healing, fertivlity, and prosperity, reminds you that life herself has given to you freely. She encourages you to allow gratitude to permeate everything you do right now, even the smallest of opportunities and gestures. The very experience of giving and being generous with your heart, time, money, assistance, kindness and care will provide more value than you can imagine. And when you release all attachment to the outcome you will be surprised to see how the good fortune you have bestowed on others comes back to you tenfold. Join Mayume n Manjeet as they channel this Goddess Entity and provide messages for the group!

  • Oshun, Goddess of Generosity

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