FOR 2020

Sunday, Dec 8th


Everett, WA

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Girl, if you've never made a VISION BOARD,

now is the time to do it and test its magic... 

A Vision Board (or Dream Board) is made up of a collage of photos, pictures and images that make up your dreams, desires and goals. It is designed to serve as a source of inspiration and motivation to attain your goals using the Law of Attraction.

Imagine now if you had the opportunity to connect to your Angels and Spirit Guides for guidance and insight into these desires while creating your Vision Board?


What would they tell you? Would you do things differently?

...Maybe you should come find out!


Come join Manjeet Russell with Infinite Balance Life Coaching and Mayume Carelli, with Guided Gatherings, as they lead the group in a super fun, social and intuitive afternoon of dreams, desires, and goals, using your imagination, visualization and connection to your Angels and Spirit Guides.

Here's What's Included:

All Supplies to create your beautiful Board

Guided Meditation

Tarot Card Reading

Journaling and Intention Setting

Messages from your Angels and Spirit Guides

Vision Board Analysis

Snacks and Beverages provided

Music and Laughter to raise vibration of the room!



"...While the creation process was fun, the sharing at the end was deeply powerful. As each person shared their board, Manjeet helped to interpret the meaning and placement of the images chosen. I think we were all surprised at the depth of the emotions that surfaced, as well as the ways that our vision boards were pointing towards change or growth...” 


"A great gathering of friends and creativity. Mayume opens our souls to the possibility of connection. A very warm and spiritual experience..."


"You guys rock! You both work well together. I love how passionate you are about the topics you are teaching."


"...Knowledgeable instructors who bring Sisterhood to everyone and more..."


Sunday, December 8, 2019

1:00 - 5:00pm


Snohomish County PUD

2320 California St, Everett, WA 98201


*SPECIAL "Bring a Friend" OFFER:

Buy 2 tickets and receive $20 off your order!

Enter Code at Checkout: FRIEND